Classification of rivers according to the type of discharge

Classification of rivers according to the type of discharge

       River drainage network to take any area a special form known as the drainage pattern, which looks a faithful sewage and valleys of the rivers when they paint a map of the area. It's natural to not be the riverine network put this unusual, but it is the result of the relations between the climate and the nature of the terrain as well as the quality and structure of rocks. Should it do so enabled the division of river drainage patterns to.

1_ drainage pattern of the tree Den dritic
        It is linked to the existence of this type of drainage areas that are homogeneous rocks and be mostly women with horizontal layers of rock sprawl simple oatmeal miles. As the surface is characterized in that it is a low-lying terrain was easy to be most pronounced plateau or the surface of the rivers in this style like a forest tree branches. And different branching density in this river discharges depending on the hardness of the rock and porosity as well as the climate of the quality as intensifying forking whenever the women with a few rock hardness as in sedimentary rocks while forking least in the areas of solid creek fiery resistance. And the degree of branching increases with increasing the amount of precipitation and less Baklth.
2_nmt rectangle drainage
          It is the joints of weakness in the rock composition of any of the regions where river valleys are trying to prove along Adtha above those areas of weakness. And it happens to take the joints in the area perpendicular system in turn is reflected in the form of discharge where the rivers converge with each other almost at right angles
3_ drainage pattern of the cube
         Drainage pattern develops over the cube of animate structures torsional areas that are in the stages of maturity of the geomorphological session, where the main river valleys prove itself above the soft and rocky areas. And relate these valleys numerous tributaries perpendicular almost be Muaguena each in his direction with the direction of the original tendency of some rocks and the other to the opposite direction of that inclination.