Here's a list of more than 30 site to learn anything you want online

Online or web rather a blessing for those who exploit it improves to learn new things or do return benefit him in his life and his future. The Internet as a network has become a necessity that can not be dispensed with, this, dear reader, I suggest you list the best sites and services that will help you learn anything. Programming, design, work on the big data, foreign languages, creativity and expand your horizons in the areas where I am not a specialist ... etc.
Here's a list of more than 30 site to learn anything you want online

# Online courses
EDX - online courses from the best universities in the world.
Coursera - free courses of the best teachers of universities from around the world.
Coursmos - a small group of courses that do not take a lot of time.
Highbrow daily -achtaarat of the best courses that are sent to you in the mail.
Skillshare - courses and projects expand your horizons on the Internet.
Curious - Video lessons to improve professional skill.
Linda - courses in the field of technology, business and creativity.
CreativeLive free -duarat creative experts from around the world.
Udemy - courses in computer disciplines.
rwaq -mansh Arab Education Open in Arabic in various fields and disciplines

# Programming

Codecademy - interactive educational programming such as Python and JavaScript, and Ruby, as well as markup languages ​​such as HTML and CSS. - learn programming from scratch.
Udacity - cycles of Google, Facebook, mongoDB, AT & T and other large companies.
Platzi - courses in design, marketing and programming. - programming for beginners.
BaseRails - learn Ruby and other Web technologies.
dash- create Web sites.
dataquest- learn science data from your browser.
DataMonkey - improving the analytical skills of the data through play.

# Languages
Duolingo - free training in foreign languages.
Lingvist - language training program for 200 hours
Busuu - a community of users who want to learn a new language.
Memrise - way to remember words in any language to expand your vocabulary.

# Miscellaneous

TEDed - thousands of lectures in all areas, and most of them translated into other languages ​​from Arabic
Khan's huge library of interactive content Academy -. - different evidence in many areas.
Learnist - articles and videos from experts in various fields around the world
Snapguide - Thousands of evidence on how to do many things.
Chesscademy - learn to play chess.
Pianu - Interactive learning the piano.
Yousician - learn how to play the guitar