- Detailed description
Mikko is a social application of an integrated, help you identify friends from around the world simply and confidence.
★ you can by Mikko
✔ discovery: the discovery of friends around you
- Mikko enjoys feature "Radar" strong friends help you discover Msilyen near you and friends around the world, the fastest so as not to miss the opportunity to learn about friends.

✔ Chat: Chat entertaining
- You can send text messages and voice messages and multiple images, posters and videos, promise to enjoy the experience of chatting in Mico.

✔ Post: What have participated the most beautiful of all people
Mikko is a social network, you can write publications and post pictures as Chae.hark exciting Moments in life, and I get more Likes and followers, you're a star in Mikko.
- Meet new friends from all over the world (perhaps may recognize a French painter, a football player American basket, Chinese woman fluent in the field dancing, bullfighter Spanish, Italian designer, a Turkish officer, someone British sleek, the architect of German, a beautiful Russian girl, girl Malaysian fluent playing sand soccer, man Mxhex hat, someone a Saudi government employee, Greece, hockey player from Canada, farms Poland, an employee of Macau, the owner of tourism Norwegian company, employee Bank of Singapore, a football player a Hungarian, a musician from Kolodaa, artist Korean photographer Egyptian, Moroccan dentist, troubleshooting Sinme Czech, repairman hours a Swiss, a player run long distances from South Africa, called on Indonesians, teacher Aerlanda, Roman farms, chocolate Belgian maker, writer children Dinmarki stories, artist Portuguese, musician Bahraini, an expert perfume Bulgari, Indian astrologer, Rasim Japanese comics, dealer Vietnamese, violinist Austrian, Argentine tango dancer, a charming Brazilian, Swedish candy factor, Norwegian photographer, cook a Tunisian, an engineer from Dominique, charming Finland, a Jordanian teacher and more.

- You'll learn about new friends in places do not choose your mind (University Park, children's camps, after a rainy day, a coffee shop, during a gathering friends, dinner, Starbucks, in the subway during the jam to go to work and return from work, a supermarket and-Mart, in victory Square, cars, opera, museum exhibit, musical concert, lounge waiting for flights at the airport, gym, dressing room and other places.

- Look for friends who speak the same language, we now support
(English, Traditional Chinese, complex Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Turkish, Thai language, the Indonesian language, language Vietnamese, the language Malaysian, Japanese, Alchorahogerhamn languages ).

- You can talk with friends who love to talk to them and who have the qualities of a different character, you can talk with the (generous and intelligent and skilled, innovators, humble and ambitious and with a foul difficult and attentive and wise men and the people who lure the attention and people with personal Alqoaho young handsome and Afattayat beautiful and more and more.

- Share your life and your time (when wandering at the Statue of Liberty in New York, and the Big Ben in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Cathedral of St. Basil's in Moscow, with a green dome Santorini Church in Greece, the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, Tower Leaning in Italy, or when you are in the gym, while running, swimming, mountain climbing, bike riding, skiing, and during exercise time favorite sports, share your life and what you can think of Alsaidhwalhuzeinh
And interests, and at the same time you can get the Likes of other friends.

★ new job
"Hello" is a universal message, a greeting sent to friends in Alm.ql hello to the whole world, express yourself, share your life with friends, and I hear what he says Alachrin.abges Friends compatible with you in your thoughts and your interests, and make new friends, and then more chat and more.

Subscribe to Mikko News, you will discover what's happening around you around the world of Khalalh.kma you will follow news of stars and ball players who are favored. It will let you know the latest international news as it happens and other concerts and sports competitions and other events.

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