GIS linear Vector GIS systems

GIS linear Vector GIS systems:
Is interested in this type of systems of linear or directional data Vector Data. These systems are used as lines and not Grids cells in defining the borders of polygons and the extension of geographical phenomena are here recording information mediated numbering Digitizing In written information systems, information is recorded in the three methods are ([1]):
1 bitmap information Point Data: ie those data that predicted on the maps in the form of a point, or within a specific location waypoint ray and only one-economic (x, y), such as a city site, the site of a well, plant and others.
2 written information Line Data: any data that takes a line form on the maps. Each line consists of a set of coordinates, if the straight line he may Ahaddathein start point and end point, in addition to the information is spatial associated with that line, such as line thickness or shape if intermittently or offline, and the line is made up of a large number of coordinates if the winding slalom The more the line, the number of coordinates and a line called net Work network and need the network to the information on how to contact with each other.

3 cadastral information Polygonor area: a space and polygons or regions that surround it on all sides of the border that can be identified handwriting or are these polygons registration of certain non-spatial coordinates of where the information concerning its characteristics or forms are linked. And each polygon must be distinctive shape him.

([1]), Master's thesis, Lawson cream Abdolreza Alzhba.altmthel cartographer of the spatial distribution of the population of the province of Baghdad for the year (1997)
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