The group of piracy "shadow intermediaries" threatens to deploy new breakthrough tools in July

A group of hackers believed to have stolen from the US National Security Agency said on Tuesday they planned to sell a new set of stolen codes in July to customers who want to pay more than $ 22,000.

The e-piracy group, known as Shadow Brokers, said in a statement on the Internet it had not yet determined which files would be in the group. It has previously revealed that it has access to tools for pirating mobile phones on the Internet and Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft, Web browsers and network routers.

While it is not clear whether the group already has these tools, or whether they will keep their promises, they urged security researchers to take the threat seriously after Shadow Brokers launched a set of US National Security Agency piracy tools in April, In April, including one used to launch the massive electronic attack "Wana Krai" earlier this month.

The Wana Krai malware program has disrupted around 300,000 computers worldwide, causing unrest in hospitals, post offices, car stations and government offices.

"This is potentially catastrophic," said Matt Soch, founder of Commay Technologies, which closely follows the Shadow Brokers group. This, and it is not clear who stands behind the "Shadow Brokers", although some security experts have said they believe the group is linked to the Russian government and is embarrassing the United States.

On May 16, Microsoft announced that it was aware of Shadow Brokers' claims that it had tools to penetrate Windows 10, adding that its employees were actively monitoring emerging cyber threats.