The Twitter blogging platform today added a new feature for direct messages


The Twitter blogging platform today added a new feature for direct messages so that the private messages will then be sorted into two parts: the mailbox and requests, which contains live messages from people currently not followed by the user. Private messages from everyone.

Users can preview the message and choose whether to accept or delete. The ability to accept a message from a particular user allows them to continue sending messages without having to place them in the Requests section, and the sender will not know whether or not the user sees his message.

It seems that the feature has not yet reached all the users of the communication platform, but it is a new attempt from Twitter to address the problem of abuse common on the platform, and is similar to the feature of other messages in the application of instant messaging from Facebook called Messenger, .

The user will not be able to see multimedia files sent by people who do not follow them until he or she chooses to accept the message. This feature is a good helper to prevent offensive images. The user can choose to detect multimedia before accepting the message, giving the user an additional level of moderation.

The new conversations in the new inbox are marked by people who are not followed by the tweet tag, including new group conversations to which the user has been added. This feature applies the official service for Android and iOS Her work soon on the web version

It is worth mentioning that the platform launched three emoticons and hearts for the holy month of Ramadan to mark the coming of the holy month and to help users around the world to celebrate it. Twitter this year wants people to participate around the world celebrating the ninth month of the Hijri calendar, Initiatives to enrich the Ramadan experience in the lives of all fasting people.