Micron begins production of memory chips (GDDR6) in early 2018 after GDDR5X cards achieved speeds of up to 16 GB

Microm announced the GDDR6 for the first time in February 2016, which will be fully operational in early 2018. SK Hynix announced that the company plans to start mass production of GDDR6 memory later in 2018, There is a good indication that the supply will be as good as many vendors who will display the new memory chips for GPUs.

GDDR6 comes with 8 GB of memory and 16GB of capacity. These specifications are set by JEDEC, which allows memory access to 32 GB, while DRAM speeds up to 8GB will also allow VRAM access 8 GB on a wide card space of 256 bit and 12 GB VRAM with a wide area of ​​384 bit card.