Spatial and functional analysis of educational services


 Mean Center 

This function is one of the functions of the central tendency in the point patterns aimed at finding the mean center, which represents the center of gravity for spatial distributions (), and the mean center is the location that represents the average value on the x-axis as well as the mean value on the y-axis for geographical features or characteristics associated with these features, and the average center is calculated By summing the values ​​of the x coordinates and dividing them by their number, as well as for the y-axis coordinates, the result is a pair of y-coordinates and x expresses the location of the median center ( ), and the average center is extracted in the program (Arc GIs 9.3) by opening the toolbox bar (Arc Tool box) and then we do The Spatial Statistics Tool window, from which we choose Measuring Geographic Distributions, from which we choose the Mean Center, which means the average centre. Feature Class) and in the field (output Feature Class), which is the outer layer in which the middle center


Spatial and Functional Analysis of Educational Services in Balad City Using Geographic Information   Systems (GIS)

D.Ali Latif Mahmoud Hamad Al-Jubouri