Recover deleted messages in Telegram


 hide telegram chathide telegram.

 chatsTelegram users can activate the option to hide chats without having to delete them, by opening the application on your mobile phone, then logging in with your phone number registered with it, then going to the main page, then swiping left on the contact whose conversation you want to archive, and once the archiving option is completed Successfully, it will be hidden from the main conversation window, then start selecting the archive folder at the top of the contacts, then swipe left also from the tab to activate the hiding.

The Telegram application has been able to have a strong presence during the recent period as one of the most famous and most powerful instant messaging and photo and video exchange applications. A number of updates that included more additions for its users, especially with regard to the ability to hide chats, or others.

Recover deleted messages

You can use the application to download the notification history, such as Notification History Log, then open the required permissions and enable it to access notifications of applications, including Telegram. Through your own account on the iCloud service, then click on Restore to retrieve deleted messages from the message after specifying your email.


Knowing also that you can return the archive folder, and update the main conversation screen, that is, it is available to hide chats and then cancel the hiding feature as well, with the ability to recover deleted messages through some methods that require the presence of an assistant application, and through the feature of activating the backup feature of chats and correspondence manually, to be used to recover deleted items at a later time.